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Avlock India manufactures and distributes a wide range of Specialized Fasteners & Installation Equipment for various Heavy Engineering applications and industries such as Indian Railway, Mining, Solar & Power, to name a few.

Hydraloc Lockbolt Fasteners:

Hydraloc Lockbolts are high strength bolt type fasteners which eliminate problems associated with loose nuts, bolts and solid rivets, they are vibration and tamper-resistant. Hydraloc Lockbolts are consistently accurate, secure and offer high strength assembly with high-speed installation & low noise level.





HydraBom (Blind Fastener) :

HydraBom fasteners are used for fixing on a joint where we don’t have access to both sides. These can be quickly installed by the use of Pneumatic tools. Hydra Bom are widely used in various industries and are ideal for Heavy vehicles, auto components, railways & solar power projects.




HydraPac Hydraulic Power Units:

HydraPac units are used to convert electrical energy into hydraulic energy that in turn will drive various handheld hydraulic powered tools. Avlock HydraPac units are robust, rugged, high production tools, designed for rapid and secure installation of Lockbolts. The tool is designed to work in extreme conditions. The availability of a wide range of handheld units, nose equipment and hoses in different lengths makes it possible to place the entire range of Lockbolts. HydraPac will enter its “Sleep Mode” thereby conserving electricity and wear and tear on the components. HydraPac units are portable, mounted on wheel for easy transportation in the work area from one area to another & it is user-friendly. HydraPac models operate in various voltages electric power ranges like Single Phase (220v) & Three Phase (440v).





Installation Tools & Equipments:

Avlock Hydraulic Installation tools are robust, rugged, high-quality, hand-held Installation tools. Designed for rapid and secure installation of Lockbolts. The tools are designed to work in extreme conditions. The availability of a wide range of hand-held units and nose equipment are available to place the complete range of Lockbolt diameters. Hydraulic hose sets in different lengths make it possible to reach difficult areas.  The handheld units work together with Avlock's HydraPac Units.

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