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HYLITE - Jan 2023 16 Jan 2023


To begin with, I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy 2023!
As we celebrate 75 years of Independence, it is a matter of great pride that globally India has grown to become the 6th largest economy as per media reports. In fact, amidst the global economic turbulence triggered due to the pandemic, the Indian economy has remained relatively resilient thus far and is expected to be amongst the fastest growing economies worldwide in the years to come.

Avlock had also been on a similar path and we have witnessed historic growth in 2022. I feel gratified that all our efforts are paying off and this encourages and inspires me to work with even more zeal towards meeting our organisational aspirations.

It is also historic and a proud moment for India that on 1st December 2022, India took over G20 Presidency for a period of one year. The G20 countries collectively account for more than 80% of the global GDP, 75% of global trade, and 60% of the global population. It is noteworthy that this presidency has been assumed at a time when the world is dealing with geopolitical tensions, economic slowdown and rising food and energy prices.
It is time to step up for us as an organization and contribute, to the best of our abilities, to the massive growth opportunity which lies ahead. It’s time for us to spread our wings and focus on export opportunities as well.  In order to do so, we need to not just strengthen our partnerships but to also bolster our capabilities further, to keep abreast with the growing demands of the Fastener and Sealing technology in India.
I would also like to thank all our partners who have helped us achieve this.  This time I want to make a special mention of our amazingly talented employees who have worked so hard to get us to where we are.  
Keep it up team Avlock!
Sameer Bulchandani, Director, Avlock India




Avlock India's Annual meet was held in April 2022, wherein we focused on reviewing our last year’s progress and strategies to grow the business along with growing demand of INR 460 bn worth fastener industry. Our Heavy, Light & SFC division have shown tremendous growth in last FY 2021-22 by 78%, 87% and 34% respectively. In order to achieve our goal of reaching the coveted mark in terms of revenue by 2025, we need to start with a small amount. This financial year we are aiming high and by the end of the second quarter we have already crossed more than half of our targets, which has been made possible only due to our sales team’s constant hard-work and dedication towards Avlock India’s aspirations.
As one of the major tier 3 suppliers to top Automotive & Rail wagon manufacturers, our intent is to become leading fastener provider for Whitegoods, Bus Body Builders, Electrical, Medical and Construction Businesses also. Our expert engineers have even listed out several new applications for the trending Electric Vehicle industry. The use of our fasteners, installation tools & sealing-flow control solution eventually reduces machining process & provide even more sturdy and durable fastening & sealing solutions. 
Sales meet ended with lots of excitement and boosted morale of all our employees. With the kind of determination displayed by our team members, we are sure to reach our target within stipulated time in each of the upcoming year ahead. 



For the second quarter of FY 2022-23 we already have sold INR 15 Crores worth of lockbolts and the sales figures are increasing day-by-day, advancing towards our aim of INR 100 crores worth turnover. Sheer volume of orders indicates the kind of trust which wagon builders and Indian Railways have on Avlock India. Our fasteners provide strong & durable fastening and installation solution to ensure the safety of their cargos/passengers. We take immense pride in having so much of faith by our esteemed customers and are constantly working towards offering better services and upgraded products.



Due to ever-increasing demand and following the 'Make in India' initiative, we have decided to expand our local manufacturing of lockbolts and hydraulic powerpacks. We have already started our hunt for new facility in the locality. This warehouse will be entirely dedicated to Heavy engineering manufacturing process & storage.



This year we are pleased and excited to start a partnership with ‘MUNGO”. Mungo have gained experience & technical know-how for more than 50 years. With this partnership, we aim to tap into new construction markets and provide the market with high-quality engineered heavy-duty fasteners. Products offered by Mungo can be broadly classified into 3 categories i.e., Metal Fasteners, Nylon Fasteners and Chemical Fasteners.

These Include Through bolts, Anchors, Screws, Nylon Plugs, Sound insulation plugs, Brick plugs, Dispenser Foam, Polyester mortar, Cordless Injection guns and more, which are used for construction of buildings, roads, dams, bridges, metro stations & many more. These buildings and construction fasteners are used in heavy-duty applications to affix concrete / concrete steel materials together. They withstand the stress of the building environment with high precision & strength.



n November 2022 we participated in one of the Asia’s biggest Auto EV Exhibition in Bengaluru. The exhibition gave us an ideal opportunity to highlight the wide range of EV sealing technology & fastening solutions under one roof. We focused on our products which are used in Electric Vehicle manufacturing viz; SFC expander plugs, Flow control products like non-return valve (NRV), restrictors, Honsel powertrain fasteners like Blind rivet screw, Blind rivet nut (headless), Blind Rivet Nut, Coils, Hvfix, Soundfix, PCF clinch fasteners etc.  The exhibition was a huge success with an overwhelming response.


To give a break to our employees from monotony and the stress of everyday routine, we ensure to celebrate happy moments, whether they are birthdays, events, or festivals. Avlock India always supports a cheerful and enthusiastic work environment in order to keep morale of all team members high. All our employees’ bond and socialise, making the atmosphere very friendly.



Welcome, C Y Benny,

Let’s welcome C.Y. Benny as Deputy Manager - Administration to the Avlock family. He will be located in Thane. Benny has an experience of more than 39 years in the field of Admin. He has even worked with our sister concern companies viz;  Avfast & Avdel for about 7 years. Besides, he has worked as Lead Clerk in Afghanistan for 2 years with AGS-AECOM (an American company which provides Logistics & Armed vehicle maintenance services to American Army). In his leisure time he likes to play Malayali Music.


Meet Mukesh Chitty,

A warm welcome to Mukesh Chitty as Sales & Service Engineer. He will be in Chennai and will be reporting to Deepak Kumar. Mukesh had pursued Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and also pursuing BME. He has a total sales experience of 8 years in various sectors, and specializes in 3D designs for automobiles. In his free time, he likes to play football and helps mechanical and electrical college students to design projects.


Meet Mahesh Fadale,

Let’s welcome Mr. Mahesh Fadale who has joined our team as Executive – Warehouse and Logistics. He reports to Pritam Shigvan. He has completed his BAF (Bachelor in Accounts & Finance) and has 3 years of working experience in warehouse & logistics industry . He is a die-heart cricket fan & loves to play as well.


Meet Durgalal,

It’s our pleasure to welcome Durgalal Yadav as a Jr. Accountant. He will be reporting to Vishal Gandhi. He holds Masters degree in commerce and has a total experience of 4 years as an accountant . Durgalal is a good cricket player and likes to enjoy his weekends playing the sport.


Meet Piyush,

We like to welcome our youngest team member Piyush Pednekar as a Jr. Marketing Executive who will be reporting to Ruchita Baania. He holds a degree in BMS (Bachelor in Management Studies) in Marketing and has a total experience of 1 year in sales and backend operations. He is pursuing MBA in Marketing, at present. His hobbies include but are not limited to Fish Keeping, Plantation, Cooking, Riding bikes and Cricket.


Meet Dhanashri,

 Welcome Dhanashri Bhavsar, who has joined our company as Sr. HR Executive. She has done her MBA (Masters in Business Administration) in Human Resources. She has 8 years of experience in total. She will be assisting Nishant Bagwe in recruitment and payroll activities. She also has a very dynamic range of hobbies like cycling, swimming and dancing She is also fond of playing sports like Cricket and Football.


Meet Kapil,

Our most recent joinee is Kapil Dev Sharma. He has joined our team as a Sales Engineer for the North region and will be located in Delhi. He will be reporting to Deepak Kumar. Kapil has completed his education in B.Tech (Bachelor in Technology  - Mechanical) and has a total experience of 5 years in sales. His hobbies are Body Building and playing Carrom.




With the advent of sustainability, especially in the Auto sector, Avlock India too has found a niche for their products in this space, especially for their sealing technology and engineered fasteners which have found wide

applications in BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) and PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles). Avlock have forecasted a large chunk of their future growth based on these new applications. 

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the new-age technology which is here to stay ; and they're only going to get brisk,  economical and even more reliable with time. The EV manufacturers are required to meet this growing demand by making the technology smart and light which needs an equally smart fastening solution.

At Avlock India, we fully understand these trends & challenges and offer a wide range of fastening and sealing solutions for EV manufacturing. These engineered solutions meet the highest safety as well as quality standards and can help to minimize production time in addition to optimizing the maintenance processes, thereby assisting our customers with increasing their efficiency and productivity.

Have a look at the various applications below:


1. Name the fastener that have a bright colour and provide secure over-moulded insulation cap that alerts the user of electrical danger while still providing secure access to drive the fastener

      A. SoundFIX
      B. hvFIX
      C. SFC Push Type Expander
      D. SFC Koenig Restrictor

2. SFC Koenig Restrictor is used to seal drilled holes in Housing Covers of Electric Vehicles.

      A. True
      B. False

3. ___________________ offers an outstanding alternative to the classic welded studs which are also used in the assembly of Electric vehicle’s car body & battery.  

      A. Rifbolt
      B. Blind Rivet
      C. Blind Rivet Nut
      D. Push Type

4. Identify the setting tool that is used to install Push Type Expander.

Kindly reply to ‘’ with all the correct answers until 12th Jan, '23 to claim your prize.




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