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Applications :

    Today, modules are already completed before they are assembled on the production line. HONSEL capFIX supports this trend. The specially designed plastic ring pre-assembled on the screw ensures simple and safe pre-assembly of metric screws from M5 to M10 on metal modules.

Product Introduction :

    Specially developed for use in plastic modules, HONSEL plastFIX offers the advantage of a secure connection due to the limited axial force application to the plastic in addition to the pre-assembly option of the sleeve-screw system. At the same time, the concept guarantees a hard screw joint with stretching of the screw for maximum security against loosening.

Key Features & Benefits :

  • 1. Screw position adjustable in height
  • 2. Radial clearance compensation
  • 3. Reusable
  • 4. Limitation of the preload force on plastic
  • 5. Strain hardening of the sleeves guarantees high strength
  • 6. Large radial play compensation between screw and sleeve
  • 7. Maximum retraction of the screw in the sleeve for a safe joining process
  • 8. Screw and sleeve are permanently connected to each other
  • 9. Large contact surfaces require low surface pressure
  • 10. High cleanliness requirements can be met

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