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Flangeform Closed End Nuts

Product Introduction :

FLANGEFORM® Closed End Nuts are threaded fasteners with unique ribs designed for installation into thin gauge materials. The fastener plunges the pre-punched hole and wraps itself around the material whilst the ribs embed themselves providing an integral high-strength attachment point. The one piece design provides a water tight seal, ideal for roof rack applications or when sealing is required

Specifications :

• Hole Preparation: A pre-punched or drilled hole is required with a tolerance of +/- 0.1mm.
• Sheet Preparation: Flangeform® is suited up to 80Rb, in some cases a pre-form may be required.
• Installed by progression, transfer, off-line mechanical / hydraulic presses using autofeed or manual techniques.
• Mini-Die (bottom tool) will vary depending upon the material thickness, hole size and hardness.

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