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Product Introduction :

TRI-STEP® is a unique three stepped threaded insert and mating hole combination designed for heat or ultrasonic installation into thermoplastic materials. The design incorporates two diameters of opposing helical knurls and a series of annular vanes.
Available in three designs: high strength oversize, thin walled and miniature; all ranges provide high performance, excellent location, reduced insertion time and low in-place cost.

Key Features & Benefits :

• High pull-out and direct torque performance.
• Reduced insertion time
• Excellent location
• No insert spring back after installation
• Increased surface contact area with mating component giving greater resistance to a torque induced “jack-out”.
• Available in 3 ranges: High Strength Oversize, Thin Walled and Miniature.
• Available in Brass, Aluminium, Steel & Stainless Steel.
• All ranges provide low in-place cost
• Aluminium versions give a 66% weight reduction and insertion process cost savings.

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