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Product Introduction :

GRIPFORM® nuts are threaded fasteners with unique performance features designed for installation into a variety of materials. The fastener installs into a pre-punched and formed hole providing an integral high strength attachment point.

Key Features & Benefits :

• Suitable for use in a wide range of materials, from soft aluminum to high strength steels.
• The combination of face splines and shank slots achieves high direct torque resistance.
• The displaced pilot combined with the profiled host material achieve high push-out results.
• The large diameter nut body provides high torque and pull-through resistance.
• In die automated feed systems available for lower in-place cost.
• Manufactured to ISO-898-2 PC10 strength grade thus providing a high strength thread.
• Can be installed close to edges or profiling, offering greater design flexibility.
• No heat distortion or damage associated with weld-nuts, eliminating re-work.
• Environmentally friendly installation process.
• The pilot accurately positions the fastener on center.
• Minimal host material movement for distortion free installations.
• High corrosion resistant Zinc coating, alternative coatings available

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