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Product Introduction :

Pulley Stud® is a patented design used in automotive window regulator assemblies within a car door. The pulley Stud captives the pulley wheel whilst still allowing it to freely rotate as the window opening mechanism is operated. The Pulley Stud is assembled to the window regulator pressing using a simple press fitted assembly process. It has a male threaded stud that is used to mount the window regulator to the inside of the door assembly.

Key Features & Benefits :

• A single Pulley Stud replaces two components – Cost & weight saving!
• One installation operation, instead of two – Cost saving!
• No bending moment on Regulator – More rigid assembly.
• Possible reduction in thickness of Regulator material –Cost & weight saving!
• Higher torque resistance due to larger spline diameter.
• Two pierced holes in Regulator instead of four – Cost saving!
• Design options to suit pulley and sheet thickness.
• Design options on type of “clinch form” retention

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