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BZ6 Manual rivet tool

Product Introduction :

The BZ 6 - the latest member of the family of VVG manual rivet tools. Identical with the VNG 255 that has been successful on the market for many years and of which more than 10,000 are in use, it closes the gap with its 360° swivel head between the standard BZ2 / BZ44 riveters and the MULTI1 with which not only blind rivets, but also blind rivet nuts and blind rivet bolts can be set.

As with all VVG riveters, the BZ 6 is characterised by an outstanding gear ratio and a sturdy design. It is optionally available with one of three attractive blind rivet selections, and is thus the perfect tool for home and trade applications!

Specifications :

Weight: 0,9 kg

Packaging: Plastic case

Case dimensions: 325x250x50 mm

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