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ExPress 3000

Part Number : 300157000

Applications :

    For 3 - 10mm Plugs

Specifications :

  • Height approx. 1360mm
  • Width approx. 340mm [max. 530mm]
  • Depth approx. 495mm
  • Working area [Height] 250mm [Working height between tabletop and cylinder, without setting tool]
  • Working area [Depth] 200mm [Center-line spacing between the cylinder and c frame]
  • Table [Width] 220mm
  • Table [Depth] 160mm
  • Weight approx. 140Kg
    Mechanical Properties
  • Compressive force 30kN [Max. Force 29.5kN at 6bar]
  • Total Stroke 60mm
  • Working Stroke 10mm [Withjin the cylinder ram]
  • Working Speed 40mm/sec [Max. possible at 6 bar]
    Electrical Properties
  • Operating Voltage 230 V / 110 V, Automatic switchover to corresponding power supply
    Electronic Properties
  • Operation Visual point terminal with QGVA graphic display
  • Force/Distance Control Sensors adjusted with SIT reference sensor
  • Software WINSCOPE Software for connecting to a pc

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