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Series RE Restrictors

Part Number : Series RE Restrictors

Applications :

  • Can be used with fluids or gases
  • Stainless steel design is standard
  • Orifices can be calculated to achieve desired flow rates
  • Expansion style easily installs into drilled holes and is tamper resistant

Product Introduction :

The KOENIG RESTRICTOR® Series RE is designed to restrict flow in fluid systems and is available in a variety of orifice sizes. These flow restrictors are tamper resistant and provide proven performance even in high-vibration applications, with a maximum working pressure of 210 bar (3045 psi) depending on the base material and part size. Series RE restrictors securely install into drilled holes with fast and easy installation, effectively controlling the flow of both fluids and gasses.
With complete design-in engineering support, and global expertise in a variety of sealing and flow control applications, Avlock India is ready to assist with your orifice flow restrictor needs. 

Key Features & Benefits :

Key Features & Benefits

Specifications :


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